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Everything new behind LG Flash Tool Download Latest Version

LG flash tool is a sole utility released by XDA developers to flash LG based Smartphone and Tablet models. It capable to support users in varies occasions such as manual upgrade/downgrade, unroot, unbrick and system recovery. Using LG flash tool download latest version, users can flash their devices to make them high and stable. Unlike some other flashing approaches in the market, this contains several interesting features that make our operation easier and smoother. Its well-established GUI and the procedure will support you to accomplish a successful result in a simple manner.

LG Flash Tool Latest Version

Use the hottest version of a utility is important to gain the best results. It is kind of a requirement even when users follow troubleshooting tips. However, in here with LG flash tool, some of you might seem to difficult to find out the recent tool edition for some reasons. First of all, you have to go through following updates of its developer that arranged in 2014.

  • 25th June 2014 – The initial version
  • 27th June 2014 – Fixed not support Windows XP
  • 3rd July 2014 – Fixed not support Windows 8

Thus, you have to deal with the third version that we have notified above. It is the edition and that supports almost all LG Smartphone and Tablet. When you are ready to flash, it is the implement version that has to download on a proper Windows computer. Moreover, keep in your mind that the latest version comes on your way as the update of UpTextEX v1.2.3.1.

ld flash tool download

Features of LG Flash Tool Latest Version

  • The latest version of the utility comes as an improved one of the previous UpTextEX v1.2.3.1
  • Supports almost all LG Tablet and Smartphone models
  • The tool does not need to set up to the computer
  • A well-arranged graphical user interface with a proper procedure
  • Hosts files or run http servers do not need to modify for bypass
  • Supports in English

How to Flash?

The flashing procedure contains two main approaches as preparations and the step guide. You have to make certain that you follow each step of both in a proper way.

  • Create a backup of important data
  • Download LG flash tool latest version
  • Also, search and bring a properly applicable KDZ firmware package
  • Put the device into download. mode. For that, the user has to shut down the handset and then connect to the computer using a USB cable. And then, press and continue with the Volume key for several seconds
  • Copy the KGZ file into the LG flash tool folder
  • Just run the tool if everything is perfect
  • Fill respective info to the next UI box
  • Check whether you have selected CDMA and Diag respectively
  • As you have to browse the KDZ file, click the folder icon for that right away
  • And then you can commence the procedure
  • Once the progress bar will display on the UI, patiently remain until it completes up to 100%

Until the procedure comes to the end, you cannot touch or operate the handset for any reason. When the progress bar will completes, pull the device from the cable and check its performance and so on.

Important Tips to Follow

  • The computer you prepare should be a Windows XP or else later
  • When you search for a KDZ ROM file, make certain that it is compatible with the device model

Though there are two options at the bottom of the UI as Normal Flash and CSE Flash, you should select the most suitable one carefully. The first option is to flash and renew the system without lose data. So the other is its opposite. But we usually use the second one while it is the function and that completely clear the device frame. In fact, it makes everything fresh

Features of LG Flash Tool

  • LG Flash tool is a modified version of UpTestEX v1.2.3.1
  • Simple and nice user interface
  • No requirenment os installed LD Mobile Support Tool and work with the latest version too
  • No need of modifying host files or run http servers for bypass
  • English language set as the default

LG Flash Tool Changes Log

  • Version 25/06/2014 : Initial release
  • Version 27/06/2014 : Works with Windows XP
  • Version 03/07/2014 : Windows 8 / 8.1 64 bit supports

How to use LG Flash Tool?

Please remember and be carefull about root your device at your own risk. And must go through each and every step of this as it have to process carefully.

  • First of all, you have to download and install latest LG USB drivers.
  • And then extract the file after you download the LG flash tool from above.
  • Then go to the download mode of your LG.
  • Now, make the connection between the LG and the Computer.
  • After that you have to copy the KDZ file to LG flash tool folder and then start the process.
  • Then you have to continue this by fill all details of the process step by step.
  • Finally start the LG flash tool process and let it complete the entire unto 100%.

Damage Control of the LG Flash Tool

We always remind you to flash your device carefully even with the trustworthy LG flash tool because of the risky process of ROM flashing. However, you can escape with these instructions if you are unable to complete the process successfully.

  • You may face the error message as “The phone is disconnected from PC”. So with that, you only have to change the USB port. If it is USB 3.0 change it to USB 2.0.
  • By the way, hope you would like your new feature of the LG Smartphone or the Tablet. All LG users can now flash their devices easily thanks to LG flash tool.

Developer Credits

This great tool developed and distributed by XDA developers community for completely free. All copyrights and ownership of the tool is held to them.